Stop the Rhino massacre

In Africa in only 3 years more than 1000 horns felled
Poaching kills one every eight hours

Morgana Codazzi, Chiara Mascetti, Martina Matarrese, Valentina Romano

Classe 1A

Poachers on the one hand, rangers on the other, and in the middle rhinos. Dozens of them are killed every year in Africa to enrich smugglers and ivory traffickers, who cut them down to snatch their precious horns. Horns are often sent to the Eastern market where they are used for traditional medicine; illegal trafficking finances criminal organizations.
Meanwhile rhinos, which have been hunted by humans for dozens of thousands of years, are on the brink of extinction.
The existence of these imposing animals is threatened by the ivory trade, as a matter of fact a lot of rhinoceroses are still killed today; poachers act in an increasingly devastating way using helicopters and automatic weapons and 1349 horns have been cut down in only 3 years.
Since oil has brought more wealth in Yemen, more people can now afford the “Jambiya”, their traditional curved dagger with a rhino horn used as its handle. As a result, 90% of rhinos have been killed in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia and are extinct in 7 countries.
Even China has taken a step back by legalizing the use of rhino horn in traditional Chinese medicine. Pulverized to heal fever, epilepsy, malaria, poisonings and abscesses, it becomes a valuable material that is worth high sums on the black market.
North Korea advertises medicine containing rhinocero horn as a cure to coronavirus. This encourages the further poaching of rhino horn.


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